Saving you time. Making you money.

In a Cabinet Making first, Cabinetmate delivers a simple yet comprehensive solution to job processing.

Cabinetmate allows the clients of Cabinet Manufacturers the ability to receive instant online quotes, place instant orders and dramatically cuts down time spent on producing cutting lists.

Once orders are received at the manufacturer, they have the ability to send direct to the CNC, this cuts job processing down to a matter of seconds!

With our optimizing, estimating and labelling modules, business owners can greatly reduce the number of staff needed, saving you time and money.

Benfits using CABINETMATE

  • Saves time on your customers job entry
  • Saves time data processing each job
  • Automates quote and job costing
  • Automates cutting list
  • Eliminates human error
  • Direct entry to CNC equipment with all mapping
  • Enables you to process more work increasing your capability
  • Controls profit margins and job cost
  • Reduces material wastage
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